Thank you for your interest in Mixology based on quality ingredients. My team and I are hard at work doing what we enjoy, crafting high-end bar catering that dreams are made of.

I would Love to hear from you, send me a message with as many details or ideas that you have and I’ll get back to you shortly.

For urgent requests text or call me directly.

+1 (424) 777-5498

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Superior Bar Catering

We strive to provide elite service, the list goes beyond…

100% Fresh Juice

All Juices are made fresh, truly it makes a world of difference. Only the best ingredients go into every cocktail

High -End Spirits

Only the best premium spirits are at play here/ We’d love to introduce you to something new and incredible

Craft Mixology

Fresh organic produce & All Natural Ingredients. We avoid mixes, everything is true to craft, perfection is our obsession

Professional Staff

Our staff has been trained in fine dining atmosphere and is very attentive to every detail

Kramer’s Drinks

Fresh & Modern libations based on classics

These are just an example of what we can invent for your event