Walk in the Woods Cocktail
This drink utilizes my own technique which i call a "triple threat of gin" botanical, dry and herbal gins swirled together to for a journey full of twists and turns
Mood: Journey
Spirit: Gin
what's in it
  • Uncle Val's Botanical Gin
  • Citadelle Dry Gin
  • Wilder Gin (purple sage)
  • basil flowers
  • dill
  • thyme
  • chives
how to do it
  1. into shaker: 1 oz of each of the three gins, shake and strain into coupe
  2. garnish with dill, thyme, chives, basil flowers
key info
*Drink Volume: 3.5 oz *Glass: coupe *Alc volume: 3 oz *Alc strength: 47%
Recipe by at http://celebratedspirits.com/walk-woods-cocktail/